13 Howell

13 Howell in the studio working with Steve Price...    

expectantly awating the release of 3 new singles early this summer!          

Watch for it in June!

13 Howell debut album Thomassom Bomb on the streams    

Get our album ThomassonBomb on bandcamp, and everywhere you stream your tunes! Hello world!          

13 Howell on Bandcamp!

Music video update    

13 Howell has a music video for Spider in the Bathtub and March of the Hares from our release "Thomasson Bomb"! For Spider in the Bathtub, Deacon Warner, an Independent Documentary Filmmaker and Youth Media Educator, has created a zany monster for this groovy song! March of the Hares is a soaring journey from the dreamy minds of Dreamscribe Sonica! See them both on our You Tube Channel!      

Spider in the Bathtub Video March of the Hares Video Mostly MN Review of the Spider in the Bathtub Video

social media Addition    

Very recently, we joined TikTok and will be viral any moment now. Find us on the socials with the exceptions of twit land. We’re not twits.  In addition, find us on YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, and Bandcamp!

@13howellmn on TikTok


  • June 29  

    Soul Space Farm Sanctuary

    An Afternoon of Music for the animals! With the De'Lindas(2pm) and the John Magnuson Trio(3pm)! 13 Howell (4-5pm) 

Past events

  • May 23 

    Schooner Tavern

    Before the Mubbla Bugs! Music starts at 7 

  • June 6 

    Schooner Tavern

    Before 5-Cent Reality! Music starts at 7 

  • Jan 12 

    Eagles #34

    With Whale in the Thames and Prairie Clamor! Music starts at 8 

  • Feb 22 

    Schooner Tavern

    With Robert Wilkinson! Music starts at 7 

  • Dec 28 

    Schooner Tavern

    With Lolo's Ghost! Music starts at 7 

  • Dec 16 

    Dusty's Bar

    With 5-Cent Reality! Music starts at 8 

  • Sept 28 

    Schooner Tavern

    With Lolo's Ghost! Music starts at 7 

  • June 21 

    331 Club

    Celebrating Summer Solstice in Music! A set with our friends Stephany Was and Christopher Thompson! A fun night of Music! 9-1 

  • Mar 1 

    331 Club: Bosso Poetry

    We're playing for Bosso Poetry! So cool, see you there! 

  • Feb 9 

    Spider in the Bathtub Music Video Screening at WBCA

    Join us for a screening and discussion of our music video 'Spider in the Bathtub' by Deacon Warner! Discussion with the director and band, Q and A, Screening, and a performance. At The White Bear Center for the Arts! 

  • Feb 8 

    Mortimer's Bar and Restaurant

    Joining our friends fxrmnk, Tang and the Tabs, and The 99ers, at Mortimer's for a night of music! 


13 Howell is an original four-piece rock band from Minneapolis-St. Paul. Formed in the winter of 2018 by Deidre Caron (RuDeGiRL, Spy Vacation), Chris Gerrard (Spy Vacation), Neil Johnston (FXRMNK, Tim Malloys), and Scott Schwister (FXRMNK, Tim Malloys, Goodbye Sun). 13 Howell borrows sometimes shamelessly, sometimes subconsciously from a wide variety of genres and random influences, making music which is often loud, intense and psychedelic, and occasionally soft and sweet or just ridiculous; songs of honey, bathtub spiders, warring hares and the cold surface of the moon.

Deidre Caron | Lead guitar, vocals

Chris Gerrard | Guitar, vocals

Neil Johnston | Bass, vocals

Scott Schwister | Drums

“13 Howell! Dark, shimmery rock, psych--to me it has R.E.M and Pink Floyd elements with undercurrents of Led Zeppelin at times, Joy Division others…Tough to imagine? Come see them!”

--Cyn Collins, host of KFAI radio's "Spin with Cyn" and author of Complicated Fun: The Birth of Minneapolis Punk and Indie Rock, 1974-1984 --- An Oral History..

We have had the pleasure of playing with some wonderful people in interesting bands, at some very exciting places in the Twin Cities!

Thank you Twin Cities Music Scene!

The Hook and Ladder, Ice House, Mortimer's, 331 Club, Schooner Tavern, Dusty's, Palmer's, MPLS Eagles #34, Acadia, Driftwood CharBar

Here are some awesome bands we've played with - check them out!

The Boot R and B, 5Cent Reality, Stephanie Was, Whale in the Thames, Earthquakes and Heartaches, SurlyGrrly, The Heavy Sixers, Annie and the Bang Bang, Heartless, Rich Mattson and the Northstars, Dave Rave and the Governors, FXRMNK, The 99ers, Lolo's Ghost, The Mubbla Bugs, Leslie Rich and the Soul Rocket Choir, Haters Club, Caribou Gone, The Provisional, Cerveza Muscalar,

Great bands all - Thank you for sharing a venue with us!

13 Howell image from the cover art of their recent release, Thomasson Bomb